‘A Pox Upon Him’ – Books from the Venereology Collection of a leading UK Consultant

CURRENTLY ON HOLD. We are pleased to offer for sale the following collection comprised of over 100 books on venereology , spanning almost four centuries, and of considerable scholarly and historical interest. The collection includes several works by some of the pioneers in the field, and throws a light upon the complex medical, social, moral, and even political dimensions of the branch of medicine concerned with the study and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases and in particular upon syphilis and gonorrhoea.

The books are priced individually, and in due course may be available for purchase as such. However, at this stage priority will be given to a sale of the whole collection. Notable faults have been highlighted in purple. A number of books have Institutional ex-libris markings and these have been highlighted in green.  The catalogue is available to download  in my catalogue section.