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ODONTOLOGIA: Rare and Important Books in the History of Dentistry.

The Swedish Dental Society, founded in 1860, accumulated an important historical collection of over 850 odontological books, the majority printed before 1920, and which today forms one of the major special collections deposited in the Hagströmer Medico-Historical Library in Stockholm.img188

With the present richly illustrated and annotated catalogue, compiled by Ove Hagelin and Deborah Coltham, we hope to make this collection better known to dental practitioners, the academic world, librarians as well as to book collectors. The catalogue comprises 208 pages and 161 illustrations with descriptions of 65 books including the earliest printed works from the sixteenth century entirely devoted to dentistry, as well as on how to cure toothache, on extraction, and on the replacement of false teeth. The collections includes first editions of several odontological classics, from Eustachi’s Libellus de dentibus (1583) through to Jackson’s Orthodontia of 1904 on the regulation of teeth, and including the most famous of them all, Pierre Fauchard’s Chirurgien Déntiste, Paris, 1728. Each item is given a bibliographical description and at least one page with a historical commentary on the author and the importance of his work,

Copies available for order and purchase £45